Headcleaner – Columbus Ohio’s Premier Monthly for a Unique Party Experience

Saturday night. What’s going on? Where’s the party? Headcleaner at Summit Music Hall has you covered. Showcasing exciting, assorted blends of electronic music, this is undoubtedly Columbus’s premier monthly recurring event that will keep you movin’ and groovin’ all night and reminiscing for days to come. 

Long past are the days of nav-points, password entries, and vinyl crates next to high powered fans–but that hasn’t stopped Headcleaner from keeping an authentic old skool vibe. Seasoned folk and new blood will notice, upon entering, they feel right at home in the foggy and minimally-lit venue that conjures thoughts of a jungle canopy that overgrew a concrete bar. It’s quite the haven in comparison to the ultra-stimulating, laser entrenched shows we’ve come accustomed to that scream try hard.

Headcleaner is a diverse, community driven party you’ll want to be a part of. The proactive staff for the event clearly pour their heart and soul into this venture and work around the clock to procure a mesmerizing experience. Promotion is done mainly online, so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the details as they come. They’re also doing some streaming as of late, so definitely check that out as a quick fix. This is something you’ll be instantly hooked on purely out of authenticity and feeling of community–the vibe. 

And they vibin’.

Photography by @theblvcksiren on Instagram. Be sure to follow him for quality slice-of-life content.

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