Blog post – July 29th, 2020

My apologies for the lack of written content lately. I’ve been making huge strides in my personal life–surprisingly, working at a bar that just opened. I do a little bit of everything there and it pays much better than I expected, so it’s nice. 

I got a chance to play a bunch of games, so I’ll be writing more reviews–some more in-depth than others. I also had a chance to read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and I’ve started reading Everything is #@%!ed. They’re both very good reads and I highly recommend anyone else read them; they have a lot of self-help lessons and humorous jabs at the struggles in life. 

I also got Oliver Tree’s new album Ugly is Beautiful. It’s pretty damn good. Highly recommended.

Keeping momentum on a blog is a difficult undertaking, but this is something I love doing at its core. Perhaps I should broaden the scope on what I write about and what I do with the written content? Making a quality YouTube channel is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and I feel that I’m capable of doing it. I guess pulling the trigger on this is hard, especially in today’s current climate. 

2020 has been the year of a deadly virus, murder hornets, and demon semen–what’s next? I’m legitimately afraid to find out.

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